How is sabudana made?

Sabudana is made from the starch of Cassava tuber. This starch is commonly known as Tapioca. 


Cassava Tapioca - what is sabudana made from

Raw fresh Cassava tuber consist of around 25-30% starch, 10% fibre and the rest is water. Sabudana is made from this starch.

Here is a brief about the manufacturing process:

  • Cassava tuber is harvested from farms and brought to the factory
  • The cassava tuber is cleaned to removed any mud from farms and other dirt (there is a dry wash and wet wash process)
  • The skin of the cassava is peeled
  • Then the cassava is crushed with water to convert it into a liquid form (milk like liquid)
  • This liquid now contains starch, fibre and water
  • The fibre is then separated from the starch
  • The starch is then made into small balls (the shape of sabudana)
  • These sabudana balls are roasted in a hot pan where it gelatines and becomes soft and gooey
  • The sabudana is then dried to remove excess moisture
  • During the roasting process, sabudana balls stick to each other and thus after drying the stuck sabudana balls are separated into individual balls. Thus you see sabudana balls broken here and there
  • It is then packed and dispatched 




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