World's Tastiest Papads

We make our papads/appalams directly from fresh tapioca. Because our papads/appalams are made from fresh tapioca, our papads are rich in taste and with great texture. And our products are made with 100% natural ingredients! No Baking soda. No additives. No Maida. No added Oil.

Our papads will not stick in between your teeth

Our papads will not be hard to bite

Made from Fresh tapioca

As our papads are made from fresh tapioca, it has a very rich taste and wonderful crispy texture

100% Natural ingredients

We use only natural ingredients. Our products do no contain maida, baking soda, or any other additives

We make the papads ourselves

We do not outsource any part of production. We make everything from scratch with great care

Frequently asked questions about Papads / Appalams

What is papad made of?

Harappa papads are made from Tapioca (and a little bit of rice). Because our papads are made from Tapioca, it has unique and wonderful texture and taste. For flavours, we add only natural ingredients such as dried onion, chilli, pepper, etc. 

Harappa Papads do not contain baking soda, added oil, or any other preservatives. 

Other papads in the market can be made from Rice, Urad dal, Maida, etc. When buying other papads, please check the ingredient list for additives, preservatives, palm oil, etc before making any purchase. 

How to make papads?

Harappa Papads are a ready to fry product. One can either fry it in oil or microwave. Once fried, you can enjoy it directly. 

If required

  • You can garnish it with spices
  • You can garnish with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, etc
  • Or you can have it with a chutney, cause or a dip

How many papads in 1 kg?

We have two sizes of papads. Currently we sell our biggest size in our consumer packs. 

  • In 1kg there will get around 450-500 papads
  • In a 100g pack there will be around 45-50 papads

Can we store papad in fridge?

Papads can be stored in an airtight container at ambient room temperature. Storing it in a fridge is not necessary.

Which papad is good for health?

Too much of anything is not good. Tapioca is a starch and it perfectly okay to be consumed in a balanced diet. So eat it in moderate quantities. 

Compared to other papads in the market Harappa Papads are relatively healthy as we DO NOT add any baking soda, preservatives, maida or added oils. Our papads contain only natural ingredients.

Which papad flavour is the best?

Our Creamy Onion papad and Spicy Masala papad are our best sellers. Creamy onion is loved by kids and everyone. Spicy Masala is for people who love spice!

Our Chilli Potato flavour is also great. It has mild chilli flavour and combined with potato, it has a very nice taste.

Which papad variety is the best?

At Harappa, we make our papads from Tapioca. 

There are other papads in the market that are made from Rice, Urad dal, etc. Each of them have a different taste and goes well with different dishes. Our Harappa Tapioca Papads are rich in taste and texture and can be enjoyed as a snack or as a side to any dish.

Can we make papad in microwave?

Yes, our papads can be made in a microwave.

What is papad called in english?

In English papad and other similar products are called as Crackers or Crisps

Are papads gluten free?

Our papads are gluten free as the base ingredient is tapioca and rice, which are naturally gluten free

Where can I buy papads from?

You can buy here from our online store or from Amazon.

If you want to place a manual order please contact +91 8072476681

We will send your order directly to your home through a courier. 

Is Papad suitable for weight loss?

Our papads are made from tapioca. Please consult with your doctor or dietician if and how you can add papads to your diet plan to reduce weight.

Does Harappa papad contain oil?

We do not add any oil during the manufacturing process. Our papads are free from any kind of oil.

When you make it in a microwave, you can eliminate the consumption of oil completely while enjoying our papads

Papad is made from which flour?

Harappa papads are made from Tapioca (and a little quantity of rice).

Can papad be eaten with a salad?

Papads can be a great addition to a salad. You can crush the papad mix it with your salad to give a crunchy experience. You can also have papads as side with the salad. One bite papad and one bite salad!

Can papad be fried in air fryer?

We haven’t fried our papads in an air fryer. Please let us know if it air fryer works for papads. 

Is papad is safe during pregnancy?

Please consult with your doctor for this. You can show the ingredient list of any papad you wish to consume, to your doctor and get his/her opinion