Our natural cold pressed oils

Located in a fertile region

We are located in a rural village known as Jangamsamudram, Salem District in Tamilnadu. This is a farming area which is very close to the famous Kolli Hills, which is know for its potent herbs

1. Sourcing fresh raw materials 

We have our own farms and also we source from farms nearby. Our farms are organic and free of any pesticides. And due to close proximity of our farms, we make our oils fresh soon after harvest!

2. Drying 

Coconut kernels, groundnuts and sesame seeds should be dried for a while to remove any excess moisture (Excess moisture could spoil the oil). We sun dry in closed drying yards. This closed drying yard you see in the photo does not exist anywhere in India. This hygiene standard is unmatched ! 

Other brands buy kernels from traders. And these traded coconut kernels are adulterated with sulphur to make the kernels look white and prevent moisture from causing fungus and spoiling it. Unless one dries coconut kernels on their own, one cannot get sulpher free coconuts from the market.

3. Oil extraction

The dried raw material is then crushed to extract oil. Since we do not apply any heat or pressure, this is know as the Cold-Pressed method, which retains all the nutrients and flavour in its natural form. Here the oils are extracted slowly in small batches

4. Filtering and packaging

The oil is then filtered out for residual solid particles and then packed in bottles

Our natural cold pressed oils